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Say Hello to Efemia

We don’t believe women should have to accept living less fully simply because we are women.

We do think you should be able to move about freely and be active without fear of peeing yourself.

So, we developed Efemia Bladder Support to help women manage SUI.

Well, every time sudden abdominal pressure is placed on the bladder, through for example a sneeze, a cough or by doing things like lifting or running, your pelvic floor mucles and ligaments work together to contract forward and close the urethra. But, if your muscles or ligaments are weakened or damaged, that same pressure can cause urine to leak since the urethra does not close. This is called Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

Efemia helps women manage leaks due to SUI by supporting the urethra when sudden abdominal pressure occurs. Its design ensures its in the correct position every time you use it. In addition, Efemia stays in place, even when you move about.

So, to all women who experience SUI:  Don’t hold back – walk, run, jump, laugh, sneeze, cough, push, pull, lift – and let Efemia help you reduce the impact of bladder leaks in your everyday life.

Efemia is currently available for online purchase in Sweden only.

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