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-Will using  Efemia cure my incontinence?
A: No, it will help you to keep dry during use. When you remove the device the effect of the device will be gone.

-Can I use Efemia for urge incontinence?
A: Efemia is not intended to be used for urge incontinence and is therefore not clinically tested for the condition.

-How many times can I re-use the device?
A: You can re-use the device as many times as you need per day and during the 3 month lifetime of the device. Just remember to let your vagina rest from the device for 8 consecutive hours, for example during the night.

-How do I know which size I should use?
A: If you are not sure, it is best to simply try it out, starting with the smaller size.  We offer a trial package with all 3 sizes of Efemia to help you take the time you need to find out which works best for you and do so in the comfort of your own home.

-I’m pregnant and I want to use the device, can I?
A: There are populations that in general are more likely to suffer from side effects than others. Pregnant women is one of them. We do not necessarily  think that using the device will cause you or your baby any harm, but we need to prove that this is a fact before we can recommend use to pregnant women. And, if something should happen to you or your baby when you use the device, whether it is the device’s fault or not, we would feel terrible and the authorities would come down hard on us for not regarding you and your baby’s safety.

-I don’t know exactly when my period will start or stop. Do I have to avoid using Efemia several days before and after just to be safe?
A: No,  just  stop  using  Efemia  when  you  discover  that  your  period  has  started. The reason you shouldn’t use Efemia during your period is related to the risk for TSS.  There is a risk of when  a  specific  type  of  bacteria  comes  in  contact  with  blood  sufficiently long  to  grow  and  develop  toxins.

-Why can’t I use a silicone lubricant with Efemia, I think it’s better than using a water-based?
A: It’s all about chemistry. Like dissolves like, which means that if you use a lubricant containing silicone, the small silicone molecules from the lubricant will get cozy with the large silicone network of molecules in the device. This will cause the large network to entangle and dissolve causing the device to lose its shape and strength. As a result the device will no longer work properly.

-I know you recommend a water-based lubricant, but can I use an oil-based lubricant instead?
A: We cannot recommend it. Silicone is a really robust material, but oil lubricants can have the same effect on the device as a silicone lubricant.

-Why has my device changed from transparent to yellowish?
A: A slight yellowing over time is to be expected. However, if the change is sudden, or the colour very yellow, something may have affected the device. It might just be from your vaginal secretions, but we recommend that you replace the device.

-I forgot to rinse the device before use. Can I get sick?
A: Silicone loves lint and dust! Therefore, you should rinse the device before each using Efemia. If you should forget, know that the vagina is an amazing self-cleaning organ. Forget too many times and she might not be so happy about it.

-Why should I let my device air dry?
A: Silicone loves lint and dust! If you let the device air dry you will avoid lint from paper or towels ending up on the device.

-Why should I use a soap for intimate use to clean the device?
A: Soap for intimate use has a pH close to that in your vagina. If any soap residues are left on the device after cleaning, the residues will irritate the vagina less than ordinary soap or hand-wash would.

-Why do I have to replace the device every 3 months?
The replacement is to ensure that the device keeps its ability to reduce leakage and remains safe for you to use. 3 months is the time we have been able to prove that the device is  OK for use regardless of how often or long you use it,  if you use it with or without lubricants, vaginal medications and so on.

-Can I use Efemia when I go for a run or work out?
A:  Absolutely.

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