Our Story - Arcamea

It all started in 2005, with an idea that potentially could transform the everyday lives of women with Stress Urinary Incontinence, or SUI: 

-What if one could apply the principles behind the most common surgical solutions to SUI, without having to perform the actual surgery? 

As a result, Invent Medic Sweden (IMS) was formed with the objective to develop a product women could use to manage SUI.

 In 2017, the resulting device was evaluated in a randomised controlled trial in Sweden. 97 women with Stress Urinary Incontinence participated and the women who used Efemia experienced on average a 77%  reduction in leakage.  

In the summer of 2018 the certification process was completed and Efemia was officially certified as a CE Class IIb medical device.  

Over the past 3 years, CEO Karin Bryder has led the project and built a great team to see it through to completion.  

The journey we have taken with this particular product has also laid the ground for much more. We have formed our own holistic approach to problem solving and product development that prioritises reliability, functionality and emotional aspects equally.

From this platform and through the brand  Arcamea,  we aspire to bring forward a portfolio of products and solutions that target underserved health needs women have. But, for now our main focus is on introducing  Efemia to the world!

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