Efemia’s Design and Operating Mechanism

Efemia’s design and operating mechanism is based on the same scientific principles and methodology as behind mid- urethral sling surgery, the most common surgical solution to correct Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI.) The upper part of Efemia (A) supports the urethra at the same location as where the sling is placed in surgery, helping the urethra to maintain continence.

Efemia explained transparent light text

When Efemia is inserted into the vagina, the handle (B) is placed against the vaginal opening. The tissue surrounding the opening, the labium minorae and majorae, will close around the handle, ensuring that the device is accurately positioned and stays in place every time it is used. 

The film below illustrates how Efemia helps reduce leaks caused by SUI and why.

To see the film in English, click here:


Efemia is made of injection moulded medical grade two component silicone rubber, without any processing chemicals or additives and that has been tested according to ISO 10993. The material is soft and flexible, yet at the same time resilient enough to support the urethra when abdominal pressure rises. The characteristics of the silicone also make the device robust enough to withstand the vaginal environment, cleaning and reuse.


Efemia comes in 3 diameter sizes for the supporting rings: 30 mm, 35 mm, and 40 mm.  All other parts have the same dimensions. 

Efemia_3 sizes_drawing

Efemia in short

  • Made of soft, smooth and flexible silicone
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Efemia can be used daily or on specific occasions where one expects leakage.
  • Can be re-used daily for 3 months
  • CE Class IIb Medical Device
  • Simple. Safe. Effective